Thanks for reading our spring newsletter! Finally, we have all been patient for some good weather to come to Calgary. It’s here, and you are probably like me, eager to get going on some outdoor projects. Well here are some tips for some common projects, and also some home maintenance tips for this time of year.

Spring Thaw

Just a few weeks ago, we had some pretty cold weather. Now we are in the double digits for warm weather. These quick changes in temperature can cause the snow to melt so quickly, and problems can occur with drainage as well as water pipes thawing if they have frozen.


Hopefully you were able to turn hose bibs off before the winter, or you have frost-free hose bibs. If not, you may run the risk of getting a cracked water line in or around your home’s foundation. Be sure to inspect the area before and as you use your garden hose for the first time this season so that you do not have a leak.

roof shingles

You may also want to check your roof, gutters and downspouts so that there is no damage from ice buildup. For example, in my home, I had two small water stains on my ceiling. These were not caused by a leak or any major problem. They are caused by “ice dams” or a buildup of ice in the gutters, thawing and pooling on the ice, which finds its way under the shingles and into the house. Some shingle replacement or repairs may be necessary. This typically does not happen on newer homes, but can occur on an older more deteriorated roof. I will likely end up replacing my shingles this year or next, as this is seems to have occurred each of the last few winters.

gutter downspout

Before the rain season hits, you will also want to check your grading, gutters and downspouts. Soil should slope away from your home for drainage around the entire foundation. If the ground has sunk, or changed grading in the winter, you can correct it simply by adding soil. If new soil is added, be sure to seed it so that the soil does not wash away with rainfall. Gutters and downspouts should be clear, and sealed so that water can drain properly away from the foundation. A poorly laid out downspout system can drain into the ground; create a water table, which in turn may seep into or under your foundation. This type of flood in a home is typically not covered by insurance, so be careful of this occurrence.


Once you have checked your property after the long winter, you will find peace of mind so you can move onto your spring outdoor projects.