Commercial Office Renovations

Offices are important! After all we spend 8 hours or more there every weekday. Having a renovated and modern office that is tailored to the work that people do can really make a big difference in their level of enjoyment at work.

  • Additional Offices can be added as you add employees
  • Bathroom and Kitchenette Renovations can be done to make the office nicer and more modern
  • Upgrading your office environment adds to the morale and productivity of employees, and keeps them around.
  • A nice office improves how the company looks to customers that visit your location

What We Do

Layout Changes to your Floorplan

  • Creating additional offices with walls, windows and doors
  • Bathroom renovations, Office kitchen areas

Adding Wall Partitions and Creating Offices

We can replace old dingy office carpet with laminate flooring or tile. These are better for high-traffic areas where people don’t usually remove their shoes.. Hard flooring is also much better from an allergy standpoint than carpet. We wrote about this on the blog: Basement Flooring Options for Calgary

Audio Visual Upgrades

Many meetings that used to be face-to-face now take place online through Skype or other video chat applications. Projectors and large screens enable these types of meetings and are often used in board room settings.

We are very experienced in installing televisions and projectors and doing all the necessary wiring and mounting. We can also give you advice on what kind of equipment to buy that we can install and show you how to use.

Projectors / AV stuff / speakers installation etc.

  • Updating Internet Connectivity
  • Wiring Cat 5 through walls – printers, up-time for wired vs. wireless (no resetting) more reliable connect to minimize lost time from employees

Networking Upgrades

We most often will recommend that with an office renovation project of any kind, data cable is installed in the walls. This is simply because a wired internet connection is far more reliable and can attain much faster speeds than any type of WiFi setup.

Wiring is also something we pay a lot of attention to during our renovation projects because wires running along the ground can be a safety hazard that people can trip over.

Office Wall being added at Engineering Firm
Calgary Office renovations


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