Bathroom Renovations & Additions

Glass Shower Partition

We’ve all been a guest at someone’s house where their bathroom seems to be stuck in the decade that the house was built, even though everything else looks new. As far as home renovation projects go, an updated modern bathroom can really make a huge difference.

We can handle everything from simple fixture upgrades to completely remodeling the room with a change to the floor plan, or knocking down a wall to gain more square footage.

Add Value to Your Home

Renovating an existing bathroom in your home has the long-term benefit of adding resale value and also making it more attractive to buyers should you choose to sell. This is a good bang-for-your-buck upgrade that can usually be completed in a few days with a little planning.

Tub and Shower in a Bathroom Renovation

Built Around Your Family's Needs

Bathroom Renovation

If you have a large family, you might want to update a shared bathroom to have another sink so two people can get ready at the same time, or you might want to separate the toilet area to another compartment for added privacy (sometimes known as a toilet closet). If a bathroom has a tub but is typically only used for showers, you can gain more space by swapping it out for a stand-up shower.

A few Ideas for how we can help you with your bathroom project

  • Tearing out a linoleum floor and replacing with ceramic tile or hardwood
  • Adding electric in-floor heating to a flooring upgrade
  • Replacing older lighting fixtures or light switches with more modern ones (generally inexpensive).
  • Updating the counter top from an older Formica laminate to one made of marble, granite or stone.
  • Fixture replacements (Sink, Toilet, Shower)
  • Cabinet upgrades for extra storage space or an updated look
  • Replacing windows for more natural light and energy efficiency, or adding a frosted film for privacy
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