Pricing for Basements, Kitchens and Bathroom Renovations in Calgary

The Cost of a renovation project is based on many factors. Having a clear budget is just as important as having a great design. If its your first renovation project, this information will help shape your expectations of how it will turn out. When dealing with Trades, being a little educated will lower the chance of overpaying.

You will want to get an idea of:

  • What level of quality can I get for my money?
  • What will my money be spent on during the project?
  • What are the typical hourly rates for certified trades that will be doing the work?

Basement Developments

basement pricing calgary

Basement renovations are one of the most popular projects for newer homes in the Calgary area.

In the Calgary area, low-end basement developments start around $45 per square foot. These are often called “Builders Grade” and are basic. High-end Basement Developments will cost around $75 per square foot and higher.

Most projects we work on fall in this range. It all depends on what is included in the scope of work. Framing out a few rooms and installing carpet will be much less labour compared to heating upgrades, extra bathrooms, or other extras.

Other upgrades include recessed pot lighting, audio/video, or feature walls. You can also expect to pay more with upgrades to the finishing work. Any quotes presented to you should be broken down so you can choose the options you want.

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Kitchen Renovations


While renovating a kitchen can be one of the greatest disruptions to your home, they are also the best way to improve a resale value.

As you can no longer cook and function as you normally would, extra care should be taken when planning to avoid delays.

Pricing a kitchen remodel is a balancing act of spending enough, but not too much. On a full replacement of cabinets, flooring and appliances, it is easy to spend $50,000 or more.

With a conservative budget, you can complete a kitchen renovation for around $25,000. If you are prepared to supply items yourself and also do some of the labor, then costs can be reduced.

While there are some parts of a kitchen that are DIY-friendly, you should avoid cabinetry. This is something that can cause problems down the line if not done perfectly, and it is easy to spot work done by an amateur cabinet maker. This can actually detract value from a home because the new buyer will know that they need replaced.

Bathroom Renovations

bathroom calgary price

The standard size of a typical bathroom is 5ft wide by 8ft long which includes a vanity/sink, toilet and a bathtub. For this standard size, we typically see renovation prices anywhere from $5000 to $10000. This amount can vary according to tile and fixture choices.

When thinking about your budget, it is helpful to think about how often the bathroom will be used, and by whom.

If a bathroom is located near the kitchen on the main floor, you may wish to spend more because it will be seen and used often by guests. A seldom-used basement bathroom may just need functional fixtures and not any sort of luxury.


Some people will spend a few months hunting for good deals on appliances, fixtures and materials before starting their renovation project. Waiting for sales and one-off’s from appliance stores can add up to big savings, as these items carry a significant cost if you are looking for higher end pieces.

The one downside to supplying your own products is that you are responsible for the warranty of those products. The installation will have a separate warranty from the contractor. When faced with any issues with products or installations, it’s a beautiful thing to make one phone call to the company you hired. Having them take care of warranty on products they installed can take a large burden off of you. Having to deal with each product manufacturers to work through the details of repairs or replacements can be a headache.

Plumbing and Electrical

These are two of the most important and skilled trades to have in your home. You may pay these trades more than any other contractor due to their schooling and experience. As well as liability and risks they take on.


plumbing hourly rate calgary

Some of the best pricing I have seen from plumbers recently starts around $75/hr. for a master plumber. Depending on if they have a helper, or other items such as a stocked truck with parts onsite, you may pay more upwards of $125/hr. The best plumbers that I work with carry over $10,000 worth of parts with them so that they can fix, replace or build whatever project they are working on.

A plumber who has to make additional trips to a parts supplier is one way to pay more for the work being done, so be careful of this.

electrician calgary rate


Electricians have by far the most dangerous part of a job in home renovations. They often work with their hands mere inches from dangerous currents that have the potential for serious bodily harm. Electricians typically charge around $95/hr. and up. They often work with junior apprentices to help pull wiring with rough-in that they will bill out at a much lower rate.

All final connections should be completed by a licensed electrician. Other than general repairs, permit work must be made through a master electrician. Some 1st to 4th year electricians try to have other companies pull permits for them, but this is illegal unless the master electrician inspects all of the work. Try to avoid this scenario at all costs.

About this Guide

Hopefully this information will help you gauge the costs for certain service calls to your home. This can be used as a guide, but keep in mind that prices fluctuate — especially in our booming Calgary housing market.

When possible, get written quotations, signed contracts or work authorizations. Always do your homework to checkup on the credentials of the contractors you may use. We at Macdonald Contracting Inc. for example always provide our credentials to our customers for their records and peace of mind.