A basement finishing project will typically take around 2-4 weeks when working with us, but depends on a few factors. As the homeowner, there are things that the you can do to speed up the process, so that the project gets done as soon as possible and you can get back to normal.

If speed of completion is a priority, then you should make that clear with the contractor at the outset of the project. They should have sub contractors they are familiar with, and have an idea of their availability and time estimates.

Design & Planning

The design and planning stage is heavily dependent on the client, and how much control they want. The number of back and forth revisions of a floor plan can add extra time to the design process.

Your contractor will need to get an idea of what you are after, so any itemized lists or sketches you can come up with are helpful. Things like the number of bathrooms and how the space will be used are helpful for them to know. They will then start sketching out a floor plan.

One of the best things to do is lay out the framing with tape and walk through the space to get an idea of how big rooms are. This can alert you to things you may not have thought about before.

Having a thorough plan will help everyone keep pace, especially when it comes to doing the electrical rough in. Knowing where every TV, internet jack, telephone line and light fixture will go is something you should strive for. Long delays can happen if surprise changes are given to the electrician. If they have to alter wiring or re-frame a section, this can add significant cost as well. More info about this on

Planning your Basement’s Wiring for TV and Internet


An experienced contractor will have done many similar projects, and should be able to give you an accurate time estimate of the permit approval step.

They can usually point out areas that you might run into problems with if you are in an older house with existing work. Sometimes things will need to be fixed that are not in step with the current building code. This can happen if previous owners or handymen did things without permits.

Schedules and the Pace of on-site work

When you agree to your contractors bid, it should also include a timetable of when the project will reach various milestones.

These dates should have some flexibility, but if the project is moving at a snail’s pace — then you should point to this timetable and discuss the situation. With our booming construction market in Calgary, there is more demand for people’s time. It may be necessary to have another sub come in to finish the job.


Some small changes are somewhat inevitable. You might want to change paint colors, or do something drastic like decide you want the bathroom to be twice the size. It is your home and you should be able to have it the way you want. Just realize that changes to the plan will add time and expense to the project in general.