About Macdonald Contracting

About Macdonald Contracting

Macdonald Contracting is a Calgary-based renovation company specializing in basement developments, remodels and other services around residential construction. Our goal is to keep each and every customer satisfied with our quality of work provided and incredible customer service. To date, we have done this with each and every customer since opening our business.

All of the trades we work with have a minimum of 10 years experience in construction. Everyone we work with is familiar, and that allows us to work hard from concept to completion without delays and the headaches associated with flaky contractors.

We also GUARANTEE our work with a full warranty on all of our services.

Focused on timely completion of your project

Macdonald Contracting is a mid size contracting company, so we maintain a company policy to run no more than three jobs at a time. So this way we are able to really focus on your project. There aren’t wasted days with no progress on your jobsite.

We believe in constant education about local building codes, better building products, and new safety standards.

  • Licensed with the City of Calgary
  • Liability insurance covering $2 Million including being bonded
  • Disability insurance covering us 24/7/365 and separate WCB for sub-contractors
  • Documentation provided with all quotations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a renovation or finishing project cost?

Costs are dependent on many factors including materials, fixtures, flooring and what kinds of extras are added. This post goes over ballpark figures for various types of projects and what typical hourly rates are for certified trades.

How Much Does A Renovation Project Cost?

What about licensing, bonding and insurance?

Licensed with the City of Calgary, liability insurance covering $2 Million including being bonded, disability insurance covering us 24/7/365 and separate WCB for sub-contractors. Documentation provided with all quotations.

What process for payments do we use and what payment methods are available?

We accept VISA, Mastercard and Cheque as forms of payment. During projects we take progress payments as each stage of work is completed and the final payment once the job is complete and you are satisfied with everything.

Is there a contract to sign or an equivalent work authorization?

Yes, once you approve our quotation, we ask you to sign a work authorization form based on that quotation. If the scope of work doesn’t change on the quote, then the price doesn’t change. If you add items to the work, then the price changes, but if you remove items, then of course the price goes down.

What about providing references?

Yes, we can provide many references with our quotations. Our customers love us!

A Message from the Owner

As owner of Macdonald Contracting, I put my name right behind the work we offer to you. I have been working in the construction industry for over 10 years now. My background, training and certifications come from working in the flood restoration industry, having worked on all types of jobsites. From moisture problems in homes, to full scale tear-outs and rebuilds, I have managed and worked in hundreds of homes. I have personally managed and worked on so many homes taking them from catastrophe to being rebuilt, and renovated to the perfect complete condition.

After gaining years of experience in restoration, residential construction and project management I decided to open my own company in 2008 so that I can give my full attention to my own customers, and to focus on a lower volume of work to obtain higher quality construction. My mission as owner is to keep every customer happy. Making sure that the company isn’t running too many jobs at once ensures that we have enough time to dedicate to your project, and the quality that you deserve in both workmanship and customer service.

Thank you for considering Macdonald Contracting for your Project. And thank you to all of our existing clients, friends and family for supporting us!

– Ross Macdonald